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Helpful Tips
How to create a New Guardian Account:
1. Open the internet browser on your computer
2. Type into the address bar. We recommend that you bookmark and place an icon on your desktop.
3. Click on Create a New Account.
4. Enter in your own Username, Password, and Information.
5. Then link your student to your Account by adding in their Access ID and Access Password is found in the middle of the letter. If
you have more than one student, add them here also with their Access ID and Password (There should be separate letters for each student.)
Your Access ID is: (this has been mailed to you)
Your Access Password is: (This has been mailed to you)

Student Accounts:
1. Your Account is already set up and is on the bottom of the PowerSchool Letter sent to your home.
Parent and Student App
Download App on AppStore or Google Play: District Code = XZQR