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Environmental Science Campaign

11 months ago

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The District 206 Education Foundation is leading a fundraising campaign to support expanded student learning opportunities in Environmental Science.


With your help, new workstations and equipment will enable students to conduct lab experiments and field investigations to learn about systems, processes, interrelationships, and issues in the environment.


In addition to gaining knowledge of scientific concepts and methodologies, the new Environmental Science resources will enable students to further develop critical thinking and problem solving abilities, sharpen teamwork skills, and explore ethical issues.


Students enrolled in the General Biology course will also benefit from using the new Environmental Science workspaces and equipment.


Please consider supporting the enriching educational experiences that will be made possible by the Environmental Science lab and field activities. To make a financial contribution, please click on Link above.  

Wesley Lind Physics Project

about 1 year ago


The Foundation seeks your support of a physics project at Bloom and Bloom Trail high schools. In memory of Wesley Lind, long-time Bloom chemistry and physics teacher, the Foundation is raising funds to update the physics labs at the schools.

The first phase of the project will include the purchase of Vernier Mechanics I lab equipment including various motion detectors, force sensors and photogates. The second phase of the project will include the purchase of additional thermodynamics, electronics and magnetism equipment that will allow the labs to be Advanced Placement (AP) qualified, allowing AP physics classes to be offered as part of the curriculum. 

We invite you to remember Mr. Lind by reading the below bio prepared with the assistance of Mr. Lind’s family. Mr. Lind was an outstanding and dedicated teacher who earned the respect of fellow faculty members and his students. 

Since 1992, the Foundation, an alumni-based volunteer organization, has provided enhanced educational opportunities for the District’s students. The Foundation has provided financial support for computer equipment, vocational projects, a wireless network, the Advanced Placement program, Junior ROTC programs and publication of the student newspapers. 

As you may recall your time at Bloom and Mr. Lind’s dedication to all of his students, please consider a gift in support of this worthy project. A portion of your financial contribution will also be directed to the Foundation’s education endowment fund to establish the Wesley Lind Science Grant that will help fund future science-related projects. We seek to raise $50,000 for this project: $20,000 for the first phase equipment; $20,000 for the second phase equipment and directing the remaining funds to the endowment fund. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of District 206!  

To make a donation, please click on the Link above.  

Bloom Township High School - Chemistry/Physics Teacher

Wesley Lind was a chemistry and physics teacher at Bloom Township High School from 1966 through 1984. He arrived at the teaching profession via a circuitous route. After graduating from the University of Chicago on the GI bill with a degree in chemistry, he worked first as a paint chemist. He then went on to a small testing lab renowned in its field, which tested, for example, Viking maps and the Shroud of Turin to determine their authenticity. There, Mr. Lind used microscopy skills and flammability analysis in arson, insurance, and industrial investigations.
But, convinced by his minister that he could use his talents for more than earning a living, he returned to school to get his master's in teaching. Thus certified, he took a pay cut to begin teaching chemistry and advanced chemistry at Bloom. When Bloom needed an earth science and later a physics teacher, he taught those subjects as well. 

Mr. Lind wore a dress shirt and tie to school every day, a deliberate habit that signaled his respect for his position. He taught not formally, but by drawing on his (sometimes corny) sense of humor, and by using examples from his years of work as a chemist. His love of science was infectious to many of his students. Much to his amazement, he won an Educational Excellence teaching award from the Illinois Education Association not long after he came to Bloom.
After 18 years as a chemist, Mr. Lind appreciated his summers off. He often took summer courses designed to enrich the teaching of science, and to enable him to teach physics. He even received his second master's degree.
Bloom strongly encouraged teachers to assist with extracurricular activities. Mr. Lind had neither the talent nor the inclination to become a coach, but this did not stop him from becoming very active with student activities. He initially sponsored the chess club. He enjoyed running the photography club, teaching students to develop prints in the dark room. He especially liked teaching students to build light-weight bridges out of balsa wood which could nonetheless support heavy weights. Mr. Lind took Bloom’s bridge-building teams to competitions at the Illinois Institute of Technology where his teams sometimes won.
Mr. Lind retired from Bloom in 1984 and settled in Michigan. In “retirement,” Mr. Lind worked as assistant township treasurer until shortly before his death at age 88. He further developed new hobbies. He became an accomplished baker, with scientific quirks: he weighed each cookie to the gram, measured the temperature of bread to determine whether it was done, and purchased dowel rods to accurately roll dough to 1/8', 1/4", or 3/8". He rigged up a greenhouse in his basement to grow orchids, and filled his yard with roses and fruit trees. He was also an avid bowler and learned to program his computer in order to create a spreadsheet for the team scores. He continued to teach: pie-baking to the Sunday School kids, and chemistry and math to neighboring high school and college kids who needed help. He even began to play the clarinet (never well). 
Mr. Lind never regretted his mid-life change in careers. He remained friends with many of his fellow teachers long after he retired. However, he derived the most pleasure from his memories of classroom teaching, and from the notes and calls he received from former students years after he left Bloom.

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Music Technology Project
Archived Projects
Bring Wireless Internet to Bloom!
Goal - $50,000 (Completed: Thank you for your Support)

Foundation helps provide Wireless Network to Bloom
Thanks for your Support

The wireless network has provided greater flexibility for our teachers who often use computer projector carts during class lessons and lab experiments. The wireless system would enable more classrooms to use computers during instruction and improve the overall learning experience of our students.

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