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Paul Nykaza - Chairman
Cataldo Panici - Vice Chairman
James Bobek - Treasurer
John Neubauer - Secretary

Nancy Cavallo Bawolek
Michael Campbell
Dr. Robert De Graaff
Dr. Deb Graham
Job Gunderson
Harry Holtz
James Lale
Maureen Lopez
Bruce Meyer
Pamela Meyer
George Michael
Dr. Lenell Navarre
Timothy Nelson
Ronald Patton
Samantha Reda
Tom Sheridan
Amy Stockwell
Scott Savage
Carrie Twietmeyer
Sherman White
Contact the Foundation
School District 206 Education Foundation
100 West 10th Street
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Phone: (708) 755-7010
Fax: (708) 755-6859
Foundation Donor Recognition Levels
Benefactor - $1,000 or more
Founding Donor - $500-$999
Patron Donor - $250-$499
Contributing Donor - $100-$249
Friend of Foundation - $25-$99

Donations to the Foundation are Tax-deductible!